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I guess it all began with my mother's love for gardening many moons ago, however, my own collection germinated about 12 years ago now and truly blossomed when I moved back to the UK after living in Paris for 12 years.


My plant collection had always been just for me really, not many people knew about my passion for plants. Come 2020, the pandemic hit and I decided to take my collection to Instagram. 


What a year it was! I had no idea about the plant community and what "going public" had in store for me. Over the last year we were blessed to have Channel 4 come to film a short plant documentary for the news, Channel 1 film a short informative plant piece, press like The Sun, The Daily Mirror, Metro and more international journals doing full page spreads, even LadBible and other online journals were writing about my indoor jungle. I was also interviewed with local BBC radio stations and had some special appearances on The Bearded Growers Radio.


To top it all off in 2022, The BBC'S Gardener's World got in contact as they were filming a house plant special! Low and behold my indoor jungle home had a wonderful feature in the episode. Later that year I worked alongside Bloom and Sarah @ThePlantRescuer to deliver a plant talk in London with Greenroom Markets. I also had the honour of talking to a group of Cambridge entrepreneurs about the 'Business of plants online' alongside some amazing other people in the plant world!

During this time my collection grew even more and I had lost count of the thousands of plants that I was living with. My love for propagating these plants also led me to make this website. All of the plants in my shop are all cuttings from plants that are from my own private collection, some are even grown from seed!

I believe is spreading the love and knowledge is part of that. This is why I also provide services to help you further understand your plants and even how to create your very own indoor jungle!


I could not be more grateful to each and every one of you for your love and support and without it I would not be here today!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

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