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Let's talk greenhouse!

It’s a greenhouse in a house!

Keeping a constant temperature and humidity can be tricky when you don’t have a closed room! In my experience I have found that my plants thrive with a humidity of 70-80%, really good bright indirect light, a good soil mix and temperatures of 22-25 degrees c!

Areas of my indoor jungle can be kept at these readings during the day but during the night the temp and humidity drops quite a bit! And then I found this bad boy… my very own greenhouse in my house!

So much easier to control the temp and humidity and in any room AND without a humidifier! Ventilations windows allow you to find Light off in Living Room is it time to sleep the ideal for you! What I didn’t realise is that a constant 25 degrees is pretty damn warm so from now on the naked gardener will return!

However holy shitballs Batman! Humidity and heat are key to anything! Literally anything! I cannot believe how much new growth I have had over the last two days!!!!! Yes, two days!!!!! This monstera standleyana aurea had two leaves when I got it and was not doing a lot until I put it in the greenhouse! Guys it’s pushing out it’s second leave in only two days!!!

You don’t even need a greenhouse guys you need a transparent plastic storage box! Please believe me when I tell you the results will blow your mind!! Even slow growers like scindapsus moonlight thrive and grow soooo much quicker in higher humidity!

There is no wonder the Amazon rainforest is so dense, green and lush!

This is Definately the mark of a new me as I have actually cut my white princess philodendron! Some of you may remember this is the single most expensive full (small) plant I had ever bought at £170 about a year ago!

It had grown big but because it had evolved with multiple stems growing out of one big stem the plant was growing into itself and it was not maturing just getting chunkier and chunkier!

An intervention was necessary and at 2am a few nights ago the massacre began! Needless to say it doesn’t look great right now but with hope, good conditions, love and patience I think I’ll have a good 15 full plants in the next couple of months AND they are all top cuttings except three chonks!

I will be keeping the mother plant and a couple of babies to do some experimenting on but I should have a fair few extra come the new year!

Let’s Pimp the greenhouse!

A lot of the time we see some Incredible setups on Instagram and often don’t get to see the trouble, pain and sometimes misfortune when setting it up!

A couple of weeks ago I bought an indoor greenhouse and it was in need of some good shelves to increase the space for plants as well as some good strip lighting Instead of one hanging Sansi bulb!

I bought a set of 6 connectable strip lights off Amazon for £59 - this came with the cable ties/sticky tape/wall screws to fix them wherever you needed! I opted for the cable ties! I also Bought holeless seed trays (£6 for 6) to put my pots in so I didn’t have to worry too much about any water spill and finally a mini fan (£19.99) to increase my air circulation!

Honestly the greenhouse is one thing I honestly will never regret buying as it works so so well for my plants as well as enabling me to get exponentially faster growth from anything grown inside! It normally stays around 25 degrees c and 90-98% humidity during the day and drops a few points overnight!

A good set up takes a bit of time to make but it truly is worth it guys! I condensed my 90 minute set up into one minute! I have popped in some extra photos of the holeless seed trays, the lighting and how its connected and the mini fan I got off amazon for £19.99, that really helps with air flow as this is key to keep a healthy environment.

If you have anymore questions don't hesitate to get in contact guys!

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