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Amydrium Medium Green

Amydrium Medium Green


Amydrium medium is one of those under appreciated plants that most people have no idea exist. It is in the Aroid family and is in the group known as Monsteroids. These Monsteroids are some of the most unusual foliage plant on the planet. Many new collectors know the Monstera species fairly well but the odd relatives are unknown to may people. As it matures it's leaves fenestrate enormously!


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The following aroid mix I would like to share with you is working well for my Philodendrons:

  • Potting Soil (30%)
  • Orchid Bark (30%)
  • Perlite (30%)
  • Charcoal (5%)
  • Worm Castings (5%)

Water thoroughly when watering to mimic tropical jungle conditions. It is best practice to keep the soil humid but never soggy.

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