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Monstera Pinnatipartita Mature from

Monstera Pinnatipartita Mature from


Monstera Pinnatipartita is a rare evergreen and beautiful climbing plant originally from South America that looks similar to Monstera Deliciosa. It has divided leaves when it matures and produces white waxy flowers that along with its aerial roots, make it look wildly.


Many only see this plant in a hanging pot and miss out on the beauty of it if you allow it to climb! The leaves get super bigger and look absoutly stunning as they fenestrate.


This plant will be send wrapped in substrate and without the mosspole. If you are interested in moss poles I do have them buy its too expensive to send with Royal Mail. Its roots are not grown into this pole so it will not effect the plant at all. You do not have to have a 'moss' pole, you can quite simple give it a stake, piece of wood, a wall etc.

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