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Monstera Siltepecana

Monstera Siltepecana


Living quite the double life, the juvenile form of Monstera siltepecana actually looks completely different from its mature form.


Though it can form those characteristic Monstera fenestrations (the split leaves/holes) at full maturity, its juvenile form has full lance-shaped leaves with a gorgeous silvery hue and dark green veins.


You will recieve one of the two plants photographed. 

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The following aroid mix I would like to share with you is working well for my Philodendrons:

  • Potting Soil (30%)
  • Orchid Bark (30%)
  • Perlite (30%)
  • Charcoal (5%)
  • Worm Castings (5%)

Water thoroughly when watering to mimic tropical jungle conditions. It is best practice to keep the soil humid but never soggy.

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