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Philodendron White Princess Baby Plants

Philodendron White Princess Baby Plants


The ‘White Princess’ is a rare white variegated Philodendron from the steamy rainforests of South America. It produces strong aerial roots looking for something to cling onto - providing it with a moss pole or plank is recommended. Remember to keep it somewhere bright as this will help maintain great variegation.


I have two like this same size.

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The following aroid mix I would like to share with you is working well for my Philodendrons:

  • Potting Soil (30%)
  • Orchid Bark (30%)
  • Perlite (30%)
  • Charcoal (5%)
  • Worm Castings (5%)

Water thoroughly when watering to mimic tropical jungle conditions. It is best practice to keep the soil humid but never soggy.

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